Korean beauty ad wins ad for ‘Bella Thirsty’ fragrance

Korean beauty advertisement ‘Bells’ has been the most popular in the Indian market with the ad winning ad for Bella Thirsting, the perfume by D.J. Wang.

The ad for the fragrance, which is the official name of D.

Wang’s fragrance line, was unveiled at the Delhi’s Mahatma Gandhi National Park on Tuesday.

It features a beautiful woman in a flowing white robe and a flower motif.

The advertisement, which was filmed at Mahatmati and Mahatmag in the western Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, has been shared over 1.5 million times on Facebook.

The beauty agency was working with D. Wang for the advertisement.

The campaign for the ‘Belly up’ perfume is based on a story from the book ‘Bela Thirst’, published in 2015 by D&G, a beauty company based in New York.

It is a fictionalised version of the story, which describes a woman in her 40s who has fallen into a state of “belly up” in a hotel, unable to breathe.

She has a fever, a cough and is on painkillers.

Her body starts to ache, and she wakes up to find her face is swollen and her throat is covered with blood.

Her mother and sister ask her if she wants to leave.

The young woman replies, “If you have the courage, you can get out”.


J Wang said, “We are delighted with the success of our advertisement for Bella.

It has gone viral, and now we are going to do a similar campaign for other brands in India and around the world.”

The ad is also a reminder that beauty is about personal beauty, said Ankit Jain, managing director of D&G in India.

“The beauty industry in India is growing by leaps and bounds every year.

It will never be the same without brands like D. Wang.”

The campaign, which runs until April 24, is also being promoted in the US, France, Germany, Brazil and Italy.

It was created by D & G in partnership with The Beauty Company.

The advertising campaign has also been watched by more than 6.5 lakh viewers on Facebook in India, according to an online analysis conducted by the website i24news.

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