The beauty industry’s latest craze: a $2 billion, 10-year, $1.4 billion advertising campaign

By Michael J. Sullivan and Jaimie BurchardtThe Wall Street Journal / Getty ImagesThe cosmetics industry’s annual ad blitz is getting bigger and bigger as advertisers are investing in campaigns that include a full-page ad in The New York Times.

The Times ad featured an animated picture of a young woman in a bikini and a line of products she was carrying, with the words, “You know the formula.”

The ad, which ran for about six weeks, drew an estimated $2.5 billion in revenue in its first week, according to the advertising research firm NPD Group. 

A $1 billion ad campaign that ran in the New York Post in March drew more than $1 million in ad revenue, according the Advertising Standards Board.

The ads, which run during major sporting events and are designed to highlight brands and their products, also often feature celebrities and brands that are backed by the industries top executives. 

But the latest campaign by the American Beauty Awards, which began in August and is expected to generate $3.2 billion in ad sales over the next 10 years, is the largest such ad campaign in history, according as reported by Reuters.

The $1,200-per-page magazine ad featured a woman in her early 20s wearing a pink blouse and black dress. 

She appeared in a photograph, which was digitally altered to show a bikini model. 

The magazine, which is produced by the Advertising Age, is a leading source of advertising revenue for the cosmetics industry, according it. 

American Beauty Awards sponsors include Marriott International, Grammy-nominated The National Center for Family & Community Service, Nordstrom and Bumble Bee. 

Advertising executives at American Beauty are also touting a new line of cosmetics, including a $1 product called Kinky Skin, which promises to “turn hair into something more beautiful and healthy” and offers an “unmistakably feminine, youthful and youthful” look. 

“Kinky skin” will be sold in stores across the country starting Sept. 15, and is available in $25 lipsticks, $30 lipstick shades and $50 eye shadow palettes. 

Kinks in Beauty’s new line include Crispy Skin, Chinatown Skin, Dandelion Skin and Cookie Face Skin, according to Adweek. 

Bumby Bee, which makes products that can be used as a face mask, has also launched a $20 lip gloss called “Cute Girl.” 

The Bums also launched “Beauty in Your Face,” a line in which the company sells Cute Face, which includes a lip gloss that is “beautiful and feminine, and cute and cute,” according to AdWeek. 

In a statement, American Beauty said the new line is a “natural evolution of our products” and will be available in stores starting Sept 20. 

Another product, Beauty In Your Lipstick, is “a new and innovative way to bring the world of beauty and beauty products together,” according AdvertiserLive. 

This year, American’s top five brands all released new products, with L’Oréal Cosmetics, Burberry, H&M, Martha Stewart, André Gide and Tarte all announcing new lines. 

These include a l’Orale line in September with a titanium  bluish-orange blush and an  infused gold shimmering bronzer in September. 

Coca-Cola has announced a line of Coke  in October, and Gelada is launching Gello in November. 

Tastemade is launching Gin and Sugarpill in December. 

And Sara Lee, a fashion designer, is opening Her Luxury Couture in February. 

Other brands also have announced new lines or have announced plans to launch new products this year. 

Marissa Mayer, the former CEO of Yahoo and Yahoo’s parent company, said in an interview with The Wall Street JournoProsperity Institute, that she’s “getting a lot of work” from American Beauty to make sure it has a strong lineup of products and brands. 

I’m looking at it as, if we can get a solid lineup of, you know, some brands that have been around and some that haven’t been, that will be really helpful to us, Mayer said. 

For American Beauty, Mayer has said, it wants to “reinvigorate” its beauty brand and grow its presence in the cosmetics market. 

 American beauty also said it plans to expand into cosmetics as well as

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