The beauty ads of 2017: The 10 best and 10 worst

The best beauty ads in 2017, which was released by AdWeek, includes the best and worst of the best of the 2017 beauty trends.

The beauty ad trend that took off in the past year has been known for its focus on healthy beauty and the ability to turn a profit on those trends.

For example, adidas’ “The Beautiful” campaign in 2016 was the first time a brand used social media to advertise their products and services to the public.

But AdWeek said there’s also a “lot of buzz” surrounding the trend, which is often seen as more of a social media marketing tactic than a pure ad.

Here are the best beauty ad trends for 2017: 1.

The face is on the ball 2.

Black beauty is a hot trend 3.

It’s all about the lip 3.

A new trend for black beauty 4.

Black people are the face of fashion 5.

Black women are not only the face, they’re the stars of the show in Hollywood 6.

Black stars are no longer afraid to wear makeup 7.

Black celebrity fans are going viral 8.

A black girl in the middle of the road is a big deal 9.

The black trend in fashion 10.

A perfect blend of beauty and fashion in the U.K. AdWeek wrote that the “new beauty trend” is a trend that can be found in “the new black” and “the hip-hop generation.”

The popularity of “The Black Wave” campaign, which began in 2016, was sparked by the popularity of black celebrities on the internet and their fans on social media.

In 2016, AdWeek cited an unnamed “sportswriter” for predicting that “hip-hop is going to have the greatest year in history.”

AdWeek noted that the hip-hopping trend started in 2012, but the internet has given it a boost.

“The hip-hip generation has grown in popularity and it’s now spreading to the world,” AdWeek told The Huffington Post.

“I think that trend is just a continuation of this new beauty trend that we see everywhere.”

A new beauty ad from “The Perfect Fit” star and “Nancy Grace” host Nancy Grace is one of the trend’s hottest trends.

In this new ad, Grace’s character is dressed as an attractive woman wearing a white dress with a floral print.

In addition to her style, Grace wears makeup, as she does in her roles on “Nessie” and the show “Grace and Frankie.”

But the makeup isn’t the only aspect of Grace’s style that is appealing.

Grace is seen holding up a mirror and her makeup is clearly visible in the photo.

Grace, who also has a child, is known for her bold, daring, and provocative style.

“Nanette” singer Tracey Ullman, who plays Grace’s sister Nancy on the popular network “Nashville,” is also known for embracing her natural beauty.

“In a new season of ‘The Perfect Match,’ the ‘Nancy’ castmates and their adorable daughters will get to go beyond makeup, and into the world of real beauty,” Adweek said.

“They will find their true selves, and find love.”

The “Perfect Fit” season of “Namaste” has a lot to live up to in its popularity.

“There is something for everyone on the show, and we’re looking forward to celebrating the new season with you, fans,” Grace told fans on the premiere episode.

“For those of you who are looking to make the transition to the real world, ‘Namastas’ season will be an absolute dream come true, and it will be so rewarding to discover how much more you are than the average person, and that you are the perfect match.”

The show also has its own beauty trend.

Grace’s daughter, Dina, who has a new baby, has a style called “The Baby.”

Grace told “The Oprah Winfrey Show” that the trend was “inspired by my daughter,” and it also features her character, Grace, wearing a “baby white dress” and carrying a “facial hair” brush.

“If you’re looking for a way to really get to know yourself, and feel good about yourself, that is something that is so beautiful,” Grace said.

Adweek called the “Nacho Libre” style a “hot new trend” and said it was “one of the most talked-about and most popular in the history of ‘Nacho.'”

“The trend has really caught on, and Nacho Libre is a great example of how the trend can grow,” Ad Week wrote.

“Like other ‘nacho’ styles, it’s a blend of the classic and contemporary.

But Nacho is definitely not a ‘noodles’ or ‘chips’ style.

It has all the characteristics of a ‘Noodles-style’ cocktail with a twist.”

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