Ad campaign to boost popularity of ‘beauty bandwagon’

“Beauty is not just a fashion statement,” said the ad campaign’s creative director.

“We’re talking about the most important person in your life, your parents, grandparents, the people you know and love, and that’s where it starts.”

In a video posted to Facebook earlier this week, the campaign is taking aim at some of the stereotypes that many people have about women and how they look.

In one video, a woman is seen in a beauty aisle with a makeup bag in her hand, while another man is seen at a department store, wearing a makeup tutorial on a screen.

A similar ad campaign, released in January, featured a model and a singer in a makeup shop, with a caption that read: “You can’t do it all.

Get your face done.””

It’s not about what your looks are or what your beauty standards are, it’s about what you want and the best way to achieve it,” said Adrienne Gee, one of the creative directors.”

We are looking to help people feel confident in themselves and in their beauty and we’re also looking to create a positive change in society.”

The campaign is being run by the company that produces the popular beauty products.

The campaign is targeted at women over the age of 20, according to Gee.

The company has also developed an online ad campaign for its beauty products called “Barely There” in which men wearing makeup are asked to demonstrate their masculinity by shaving their heads.

The ad campaign was launched in January.

It has been widely praised on social media and has been viewed more than 50,000 times.

Gee said the goal was to get people to think about their beauty choices more critically.

“The beauty industry has become a social justice issue,” she said.

“Beauties are used to be seen as the perfect accessory, a piece of makeup that just hides you, that’s just a piece on your face that doesn’t have much to do with you.”

“The reality is there are so many beauty products out there, so many people can be confident in their looks, that there’s not one perfect look,” she added.

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