What do the latest Korean beauty ads say about us?

A new report by the Korean Beauty Council has revealed some surprising things about what consumers think about beauty products in the country.

According to the survey conducted by the KBC, most respondents do not feel confident buying a product because of its “bad reputation”, “bad taste” or “poor quality” and also think that “all beauty products are bad”.

The survey, conducted from July to September, found that only 25% of respondents think that Korean beauty products make a positive contribution to the nation.

Only 15% said that they thought that Korean products are “good for us”.

This is despite the fact that Korea has been the leader in the global production of beauty products for over a decade.

The Korean beauty industry has been worth US$100 billion in revenue and employs about one million people in Korea.

The KBC found that Korean consumers are not satisfied with their choices.

The survey found that 62% of consumers said that “some beauty products do not look good”.

“These findings are not surprising as Korean consumers do not like to change their brands or products when they are no longer happy with them,” the report said.

But, the report did find that many of the consumer’s perceptions of Korean beauty brands are not as bad as some people would have us believe.

The KBC surveyed respondents about their favourite brands in Korea, their personal preferences for products, and what they thought of the cosmetics brands’ brands.

The report found that while consumers are happy with their brands, they are not happy with the brands they purchase from them.

They are also not happy that the brands offer low prices and are sometimes only available for a limited time.

“Many of our consumers feel dissatisfied with the products they have purchased, even though they have bought them with their own money,” the KRC report said in a statement.

The survey also found that more than half of respondents (53%) believe that “good Korean brands are still underutilised in Korea”.

This is despite a significant increase in the number of beauty brands, including the likes of Aveda and Estee Lauder, making it the largest cosmetics brand in the world.

Korean beauty brands have also been hit by a slew of high-profile scandals.

The scandal surrounding the alleged misuse of Korean cosmetics by a beauty entrepreneur, Joo Hye-won, led to the departure of the country’s president.

In February 2017, the government announced it would ban the use of Korean ingredients in products that were manufactured in the Philippines.

The ban has since been overturned and the Philippines has been allowed to import products made by other Asian countries.

Korea has also been involved in a string of international trade disputes over the past few years.

In May 2017, a Chinese company, Diamine, filed a lawsuit against the Korean cosmetics company Diamin Group for allegedly violating a global agreement to protect the environment and the environment’s health.

This has seen a number of Korean companies come under fire for environmental crimes in China, including an investigation into the production of the anti-pollution sunscreen L’Oreal Pure LumiNova in China.

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