How to find Australian beauty products that fit your budget

I’m a beauty addict.

I love seeing new and exciting beauty products come out of the box.

I am constantly looking for the best bang for my buck.

I’m always looking for products that I can buy at a lower price point, and then try to save money.

The beauty world is a wonderful place to be an aspiring beauty fan.

I was inspired to start this blog when I stumbled across this article about a new beauty company called The Beauty Boring.

The Beauty boring is a beauty company based in Brisbane, Australia that focuses on affordable and natural beauty products.

It was announced that the company is planning to launch in the United States in early 2017.

The company’s beauty products range is a combination of natural products, makeup, skincare and hair products.

I had never heard of them before I stumbled upon this article and started researching the company.

The website looks amazing, and the products are definitely worth checking out.

The products in this post have all been purchased in the US and shipped via Priority Mail International.

The price range is from $10-$15 per bottle, which is definitely a great price point for beauty products if you don’t have a budget.

I bought two bottles of their products and I will be trying to shop them at my local store to see if they are worth it.

First up, the Creme Beauty Powder.

I don’t normally wear a lot of makeup, but I do love the natural-looking glow that comes with this product. 

The first product in the beauty boring line is their Eco Beauty Spray which is a spray that is formulated with the oil-based ingredients in organic coconut oil.

It is a very simple spray that has a smooth, gel-like consistency that feels very natural.

I found it to be the best makeup spray I have tried in my time using it, and I have used it to give myself a good glow and add a little extra glow to my complexion. 

After applying this product to my face, I used it over my eye shadow for a little bit of extra definition and a little of a glow. 

I have also been using this product on my eyelids to add a bit of dimension and create some extra definition. 

Next up, I have been trying the The Beauty Blender which has a lot to offer for a beauty product.

This is a makeup blender that I have never used before.

The product has a very natural and creamy feel that feels nice on my skin. 

For my brows, I am using a blend of the following ingredients: Niacinamide (also known as vitamin C), Bismuth Oxychloride, Glycerin, Potassium Hydroxide, and Vitamin E The only drawback to this product is that it does not contain the same amount of niacin as the other products in the line. 

Lastly, I’ve been using The Bumble which contains Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Lauroyl Lysate, and Vitamin E I was really surprised that this product didn’t contain any of the other ingredients in this line, and it has been great to use on my brow. 

Overall, I was very impressed with the products that were in the Beauty borys line, but the Evelyn is definitely the best of the bunch. 

My favorite product in this brand is The Beige which I have been using on my cheeks for quite a while now. 

It’s a blend between Minty and Lemon based products that gives a really natural looking product that looks great on my cheekbones. 

On my brow, I use the L’Oréal Foil that comes in a spray bottle. 

While I have not tried this product myself, I really love the fact that it has a slightly metallic finish that is a great way to add shine to my brow bones. 

Finally, I tried the Vibe which was another product in that line.

It contains Minerals which are natural ingredients that are formulated with vitamins A, E, and C. I’ve only tried the serum because I’m in the market for more products that contain these natural ingredients, and this is a perfect product for me. 

What are your favorite beauty products in Beauty borets line? 

Are you looking for a new natural-beauty product?

If so, what are you waiting for?

Let me know in the comments below!

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