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A woman has revealed how she has had a skin cancer diagnosis after a friend posted a video of her undergoing a face-to-face consultation in a medical clinic.

A 23-year-old woman from South Australia, who did not want to be named, shared a video on social media on Thursday (local time) with a friend of hers who said she had been diagnosed with melanoma.

The video shows the patient being led through the doctor’s office, as the doctor examines her face and her hands before taking her into the exam room.

The patient is then ushered into the examination room, where she sits at the exam table for about 15 minutes before being led to a room.

“It was really nice,” she said.

“They took my clothes off and I just got to relax.”

The patient has been advised not to wear a mask during the treatment process and is advised to not consume alcohol.

The woman said she was treated in a private clinic in the state capital Adelaide and was given an injection and followed up by a blood test.

She said the test result showed her cancer had been cleared.

“The doctor said she would be alright in about a month, so I’m happy with that,” she told the ABC.

“I’ve had a lot of bad experiences before, but this was the first time I had such good results.”

They said that if I had any more tests I would be fine.

“She said she thought she was doing well, but was concerned about the outcome.”

All of a sudden I have to think about whether I’m going to live, or whether I am going to be OK.

“What is the next thing I have done?” she said, adding she hoped she was lucky to get the help she needed.

The case of the woman in the video was reported on Wednesday by ABC Radio Adelaide’s Health Breakfast program.

“This is an incredibly rare type of cancer and the treatment will cost a lot more than the normal course of treatment,” the program’s host, Professor Bruce Newman, said.

“And the person who posted it has said she is a nurse and a very good nurse.”

She said this is the first thing she has ever had a melanoma.

“Professor Newman said he had heard of cases of patients having to wait years to have their melanoma diagnosed.”

People will wait a very long time for melanoma and then they’re diagnosed and they’re told there’s a cure,” he said.ABC/ReutersTopics:health,cancer,samsung-4200,south-australia,austrana-5000,adelaide-5000More stories from South Australian

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