How to create beautiful health ads for Asian countries

Asian countries are growing rapidly, but their beauty advertising is often lacking in ethnic diversity.

Beauty brands, meanwhile, are increasingly looking for ethnic representation in their advertisements, according to research firm BeautyMax. 

“The beauty ads in Asian countries tend to be mostly Caucasian, and their ads are often very white and male,” said Anna Loy, a beauty brand director at BeautyMax, a company based in Shanghai, China. 

The Asian Beauty Alliance, an advocacy group that promotes the beauty industry, has been working to boost diversity in beauty advertising.

It’s been lobbying the government for years to create a beauty ad agency, and its latest campaign for India, for example, shows a young woman in a pink shirt wearing a white and black hijab, while a young man with a turban is seen sitting next to her. 

India, where the country’s first female Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is widely seen as the countrys first female leader, is a huge market for the beauty brand.

In 2017, India’s beauty ad industry generated about $14.2 billion, according to the International Beauty Industry Association, with China coming in third at $4.6 billion and the US at $2.8 billion. 

BeautyMax has been monitoring India’s burgeoning beauty industry.

It has helped companies such as India’s cosmetics giant, Estee Lauder, which have begun to advertise in India, and has provided recommendations on how to increase the diversity of the beauty market, according a report published by BeautyMax in January. 

Loy said that companies that have done well in India have shown their commitment to diversity, but that there is still room for improvement. 

“[We’re] encouraging the Indian government to create an industry-led, cross-cultural beauty agency,” she said. 

In 2018, BeautyMax partnered with the Indian-based beauty brand Hip-Hop Beauty, which also produces some of India’s most popular beauty brands, to launch a program called “The India of Beauty.”

It aims to educate women about their own ethnic and cultural identities, and the beauty products and services that can be found in their respective ethnic communities. 

According to Loy and BeautyMax’s report, Hip-Hop is the fastest growing beauty industry in India.

India is home to the largest Asian diaspora, according the United Nations, with more than 10 million ethnic Indians living in India and China.

India’s diversity has led to a rise in the number of beauty brands opening shop in the country.

In 2018, Loy said, there were 3,600 beauty brands in India that sold at least one product in their brands’ beauty range. 

There are some Indian brands, like Huda Beauty and Kishore Beauty, that have been around for a while, but many are still waiting to see how they’ll fare in the Asian market. 

Huda Beauty has been operating in India since 2016, Lay said, but recently started looking for a global expansion partner. 

Kishore is in the midst of a rebranding, and Lay and Loy noted that the brand is still in its early stages, with a lot of work still to be done. 

But Huda, a well-known beauty brand with a focus on ethnic beauty products, has also been expanding its presence in India as a result of the growth of its Asian customers. 

So far, Huda has partnered with Mumbai-based Shoei and Sangeet to launch its first beauty line in India in 2017. 

Shoesi launched its India Beauty line in 2017, and now sells about 60 products in its stores. 

While Muzhi, a Japanese cosmetics brand, launched in 2017 in India after expanding in China, it only has about 5,000 products in India right now. 

As the Indian beauty market continues to grow, more brands and agencies are exploring how to improve the diversity and representation of their products in the industry. 

Read more: The Beauty of India: The Next Big Deal for the Asian Beauty Industry, by Anna Lay, Beauty Max, March 8, 2018 India is a major market for beauty, and it’s only getting better with the launch of its first female PM, Narendra Modis , and his new government. 

However, many in the Indian market still aren’t as familiar with the beauty brands they buy in the stores. 

 “The Asian beauty market is going to grow and that’s a huge challenge for any brand in India,” said Pratap Singh, a founder of the company BeautyMax who specializes in brand and agency development. 

Singh said the Indian industry is currently undergoing a transformation. 

 “It’s very new to the Indian cosmetics market.

The industry is in its infancy, and there are still some things that need to be improved,” he said.

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