Instagram ad that uses ‘fake beauty’ to boost beauty brands

By Kate M. ThomasVice News is reporting that Instagram has launched a new ad campaign featuring beauty brands that have been accused of “marketing lies.”

The ad, titled “Beauty Brands Are Still Selling Fake Beauty,” shows a variety of brands selling fake products in their Instagram posts.

One brand in particular, MAC Cosmetics, has been criticized for promoting fake beauty products, and the ad has since been pulled from the platform.

The ad features the company’s Beauty Blog, where it says the company is “dedicated to promoting the beauty and wellness industry.”

MAC Cosmics spokesperson Stephanie Kallos told Vice News that she did not think the campaign was inappropriate, and said that she had nothing to do with it.”MAC is committed to using the highest quality products and our brands are among the highest-rated in the beauty industry,” Kallo said.

“We are very proud to have received an Advertising Alliance of Beauty Award from the American Beauty Awards for our marketing on Instagram.”

She added that the Beauty Blog has a “long history of integrity and ethical practices,” and that “MAC has been an advertiser on Instagram since 2012.”

Kallos said that MAC Cosmetics does not condone or encourage the promotion of fake beauty.

“Mac Cosmetics is committed on every level to our brands being trusted by our customers, and to upholding our ethical principles and ethics.

Our brands are recognized for their quality and integrity,” she said.”

While we are saddened to see this campaign being removed, MAC is committed and willing to work with our advertiser to make sure this never happens again.”

Kendallos also told Vice that MAC has been a “good friend of ours” since 2012, and that they were not involved in the creation of the ad.

Kallers response to Vice’s request for comment was not immediately returned.

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