Beauty ad featuring Dragun beauty brand for 2017

Beauty ad by Dragun brand for the new year 2017, which has already been seen on the popular fashion magazines.

Dragun beauty products are a part of the beauty industry which is becoming popular across all industries, especially among the young women.

The brand was founded by a Chinese-American woman in 2010, after she met her first husband while working in an office in China.

In 2017, the company will be expanding its presence in the United States.

This year, the brand is also launching a beauty line of beauty products for men.

The product range includes a line of facial creams, a line that includes a serum and a cream that is applied to the skin.

“Dragun Beauty brand is a global beauty brand, it has a global footprint and we are very proud of it, but at the same time, it is also a brand that is based on Chinese heritage, and we want to give our Chinese customers a chance to be part of this global beauty,” said Li Xiaolin, head of the brand’s Chinese operations.

According to Li, the products in the Beauty ad range include an organic face mask, a facial cream, a mask, and a hair mask.

Li said the products are inspired by the Asian culture, and are intended to appeal to Asian customers.

“The masks and products are meant to be unique and authentic, and the way they are designed and presented is also very authentic,” she said.

She also added that the products, which are expected to sell for $3,000 to $5,000 each, will be distributed to stores, which is a great opportunity for a new beauty brand to grow its reach and sales.

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