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An online ad agency, adtech startup and the world’s first women-only golf club are partnering to make more women’s-only events on the PGA Tour, according to a report.

The women’s only PGA golf tournament in the United States is scheduled for July, but the PSA Golf League, which has the exclusive rights to organize the event, is looking to raise $5 million in the next year to make it a reality.

“Our vision is to change the landscape for women’s golf in the U.S.,” said Katie Stengel, president of PSA, which will hold the event in a privately financed facility in Miami.

“We’ve got a lot of women who love golf, love the sport and are passionate about it.”

Stengal said the PSCG will be a sister league to the PPGA Championship, which includes the PDC.

“They’re both owned by the PGC, but they’re two different leagues.

We’re going to be a one-of-a-kind women’s tournament with a completely different focus and a completely unique format,” she said.

The PGA of America, which is owned by PGA and the International Golf Federation, has long been considered the gold standard for women in golf.

“Women are the best at it in the world,” Stengels said.

“I know that women are going to put it on the agenda, but we need to be doing it.”

The PSA’s “Womens Golf” campaign aims to change that.

It aims to increase participation by women by showing them “more opportunities to make money,” as well as by offering them “the ultimate in golf apparel, including golf shirts, hats, sunglasses and more,” Stensons said.

She said the company has also launched a “WOMEN ON THE PGA TOUR” campaign that features a variety of women’s and men’s golf apparel.

“The goal is to give women access to the best golf merchandise, and we are also committed to promoting women’s business opportunities through our marketing and sponsorship programs,” Stiens said.

Stengals said the women’s club in the PPAGA Championship will have women and men playing on a par course.

She also noted that the PPC, the premier women’s professional golf league in the country, will be in charge of the tournament.

The goal is that the women will get to enjoy the same opportunity to play, Stengles said.

PGA spokesperson Brian Henson said PSA has approached the PCA about the idea of the women-friendly PGA Championship.

“PSA has had great success with our Women on the Course program,” Henson told Newsweek.

“In 2017, we announced a women’s on-course tournament for the PPL, and our new women-owned women’s PGA tour was named one of the top women’s events in the USA by Golf Digest.”

Henson did not respond to Newsweek’s request for comment on the potential women-centric event.

The launch of the PCCW Women’s Golf League is also a positive sign for women.

It brings more visibility to the sport for women, Stensel said.

It also makes women’s sports more accessible to the masses, Stansel said, because it makes it easier for women to get into the sport.

“It’s a really good example of the kinds of changes we can do to change things for women and increase participation in women’s sport,” Steners said.

For more on the history of women in the golf industry, watch Newsweek’s feature on how women started golf.

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